16 June 2017

MTG Honored Hydra Embalm Token Sock Hydra

Sometimes people ask you how you come up with your ideas. obviously if your doing something based on guidelines that's easy but what about the rest? Well I can't say i have the answers to that, sometimes neurons fire combining various streams of thought and you end up with hydras made out of socks. It seemed to make sense at the time. The light is really what makes this piece for me, there's an almost realism that's just not quite there but is enough to cause you to stop. I think blurring the background helped too. The other ting that this did was inspire a series following the same theme but those can be for another time. 

And at least we finally know what happens to all your lost socks.

12 June 2017

MTG Honored Hydra Alter - Snakes in a Drain

A very straightforward extension, it's dark there's not a lot you can change but at the same time you don't want to ruin the atmosphere. You also don't want this guy in your hand, once you have him in the graveyard though what are you going to use to represent Embalm? as luck would have it I've got you covered, check back Friday to see how.    

5 June 2017

MTG Drake Haven Alter: Drake Air force

When they wont let you Astral slide in standard This is probably the next best thing so naturally i wanted to have a go at altering it. weirdly the yellows on this one were much easier to match, the pyramids turned out really well. the blue was a little harder but the really difficult part was painting the two new drakes, the one on the left even ended up being turned around as the composition wasnt working. ok now they might fly into each other but it's become one of my favorite alterations. its subtle but at the same time interesting.

And who doesn't want an army of 2/2 Drakes?

29 May 2017

MTG Wandering Servant Alter - Day at the beach

A trip to the seaside is just what the doctor ordered. Sun-cream is rather unnecessary however. the beach umbrella is a nod to Resident evil. This wasn't the direction I was going for at first but colour matching sand is a pain so the less of it there is the better. I wonder if he will ever find his way home.